Dashboards: The Right Tool for the Right Task

In this blog, we present apps/dashboards in R Shiny and dashboards created by software as complementary tools.

Thierry Warin https://www.nuance-r.com/principalInvestigator.html (SKEMA Business School (Raleigh, NC))https://www.skemagloballab.io

We observe more and more apps being developped with R shiny, a framework to create web apps. It has become incredibly powerful while becoming more and more accessible to a wider audience.

Have a look here at our containerized web apps server: https://apps.skemagloballab.io/.

Here is a visual created by Matt Dancho posted on R-Bloggers:

While we favor - as researchers - reproducible research and open source solutions in the “power of crowds” spirit, there is a tool for everyone and every task!

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